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Pastoral Care for your Business

Your business is vital to your employees and customers.  Pastoral Care can be a way to keep it moving in a positive direction.  Whether it is one-on-one consultations, a single presentation or multiple meetings over a period of time, Pastoral Care Associates is willing to assess what would be appropriate for your line of work.


Sometimes your employees get stressed and are unable to deal with situations.  Pastoral Care is available to counsel and assist in finding ways to keep employees mentally prepared for life's challenges.

Traumatic Workplace Experience

A passing of a fellow employee or a traumatic experience at the office can create an atmosphere of uncertainty, not to mention a loss of focus.  Pastoral Care Associates can be an avenue to start the healing process in your workplace.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives and how we live.  Stresses and everyday living can now take a toll on employees.  Speaking to a PCA Chaplain in a group or individual setting about this growing healthcare issue can help alleviate anxiety and assist in reframing what it means to "live" and "work" during Covid-19.

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