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Healthcare Chaplain Services

Health care has moved to a more holistic approach (CQI) involving all levels of care: Physical, Social, Emotional/psychological and spiritual. Research indicates that patients who receive good pastoral care get well sooner and have fewer complaints (from both the patients and their families.)



As part of your team at a hospital or nursing facility, Pastoral Care Associates are able to fulfill a variety of needs:


- Pastoral counseling


- Available 24 hours a day. 


- Working and coordinating with doctors and nurses through social services, enhancing patient advocacy.


- Available as a reliable resource to your staff, who may sometimes need spiritual support.  This will help with the "burn-out" factor.


- Work with different religions and cultures and will be responsible for coordination ministry.


- Working with families in a crisis, working with the medical staff.


- Make regular rounds and meeting patients needs through spiritual care and comfort.


- Supports the goals and objectives of JCAHO and provides a team approach to all levels of care.


*We are available for hire, please contact us if you are interested*


*We are also accepting candidates for chaplaincy*

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