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The best of all your first fruits and all your special gifts will belong to the priests.  You are to give them the first portion of your ground meal so that a blessing may rest on your household.  -Ezekiel 44:30  

Offerings of Gifts

At Pastoral Care Associates, rest assured that any offering that we are blessed with is going to good ground that will produce for the glory of God.  Your generous donation will help fund our ongoing mission.  Thank you and God's Blessings upon you.
If you are looking to purchase a book, you can send funds via Paypal with which books you wish to purchase, along with your address and we will process your order as soon as possible.  You can also mail in your request to the P.O. Box below with your check or money order and mailing address.

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Additional Information

The simplest way to send Pastoral Care Associates a monetary gift online is through PayPal.  However, if you so choose to send it differently, here are some options.


Check or money order - Please mail to : 


Pastoral Care Associates

P.O. BOX 34606

Phoenix, AZ 85067


Other types of Gifts or Donations: From time to time, people have donated a variety of items such as new toys or stuffed animals for children in the hospitals, to new books for the adults being cared for.  Please head to the contact page and contact one of our leaders in order to complete a donation of this type.  Contact Page

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