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Rev. Michael Lessard's New Book, 'Christology of the Family,' Explores the Importance of Sacraments

 A fresh insight into the heart of the gospel

      Rev. Michael Lessard, an Anglican priest, founder, and CEO of Pastoral Care Associates, has released a new book titled 'Christology of the Family.' The book delves into the importance of sacraments, such as baptism, communion, and marriage, in shaping and strengthening family dynamics and how to form the foundation of the family's spiritual life, which is the primary church. 

      In 'Christology of the Family,' Rev. Lessard explores how these sacraments are lived out in the family, providing a pastoral care model of community in the border church that flows from the familial experience of the sacraments. He also emphasizes the importance of building a culture of care within the family and the broader church, drawing on the examples of Jesus and His ministry of healing, reconciliation, and teaching.

      "The heart of the gospel is centered on the caring love of God. The family has been affected by our entertainment culture, and as a result, it has lost sight of its primary purpose-to care for one another as the good shepherd cares for his sheep," says Rev. Lessard. "The Christian family needs to reclaim the heart of the gospel and create new disciples, not just the church members."

      Rev, Lessard's book is a valuable resource for those interested in religious, family, spirituality, and Christian topics. He hopes that readers will take away an appreciation for their dignity in Christ and the ability to engage in ministry with their own families through listening, forgiving, and living a life of mutual caring and love. 

      A powerful reminder of the central elements of the Christian community and how we can all mirror the heart of Christ in our attitudes and behaviors.


"This is a beautifully written, thoughtfully composed love letter to the Church about living the Christian life. It is about living out the reality of the Gospel message in our everyday lives and families. It is written by an obviously very humble man devoted to God. It would be a good book to share with your friends, family, and/or fellow church members."

-Valerie Arizona, Amazon Review.


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About the Author

 Rev. Michael Lessard is an Anglican priest with a strong educational background and over 40 years of pastoral care experience. He’s the founder and CEO of Pastoral Care Associates, an organization that provides training in chaplaincy and pastoral care to hospitals and care centers. He has 1400 hours of clinical pastoral education and is a licensed trainer with LEAD Plus. Despite the loss of his wife, Dorothy, in 2015, he continues to serve and support others in his community. 

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